About Urban Caledonia

I must start by saying, I feel like one of the luckiest mums and Scottish business start-ups in the world. Not because of my bank balance or international fame (in play date circles), but because of my muse, my inspiration for developing an iconic modern Scottish led giftware - my family.

Being a well-travelled Oil and Gas family, I found it hard, especially for my children, to gift items on our travels or indeed to visitors that would proudly represent us as a unique Scottish family, without causing cultural offense or bulking out the suitcase.

After 5 years of travel and living outside the UK, I returned to Aberdeen in 2013 with the mind focus I would fill the gap in the market. Busy family life, fuelled by caffeine and the energy children bring to your life Urban Caledonia became a business reality not a dream.

Being a mother and a “Parentprenure” I am proud in 2017 to launch our collection of inspired by Scotland clothing gifts, suitable for your family.

With comfort and quality as a top priority to represent my Scottish line, I hope that you enjoy wearing or gifting my Undeniably Urban clothing.