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Born of necessity, based on practicality and designed to be worn with fun, fashion newcomer Urban Caledonia’s first children’s clothing collection has just been launched – and has already been so successful that it sold out of hoodies and baby sleepsuits, two of its most popular items, within the first 48 hours.

Fast gathering a global clientele, international orders have already come in from Singapore, Dubai and USA. 

Uniquely Scottish and undeniably urban, the range has been brought out by Claire Thom who responded to the challenge of trying to find children’s clothing gifts which reflected a current and contemporary Scotland by creating her own fresh new take on modern childrenswear.

The result is Urban Caledonia, a stylish and original collection of clothing for babies up to 11-year-olds. Sleepsuits, bodysuits, pyjamas, T-shirts, hoodies and joggers come in a strong, but simple colours - fuchsia, sapphire blue, navy, grey and white, all with a distinctly Scottish identify created by the company’s signature branding of quirky depictions of well-known and well-loved Scottish icons.

Claire said the inspiration behind Urban Caledonia was her family – Sophie (6), Callum (5) and husband Andy.

She worked for O&G services company Petrofac in Scotland before being transferred to Dubai. Andy also worked in the energy sector in Dubai and the family lived there for five years.

“As a well-travelled oil and gas family ourselves I found it difficult, when we were on our travels, to find gifts for other young families that would proudly represent us as a unique Scottish family,” she said.

“I looked for something modern and Scottish to give to people we met but I could find very little that I would dress my own kids in – I love kilts and tartan but it’s not practical every day.”

“When we returned to Scotland in 2013 my mind was focused on the idea that I wanted to create something that would fill that gap in the market.”

Claire kept the idea tucked in the back of her mind until Callum started school last year and then, as one of a growing number of Scottish ‘parentpreneurs’, started planning for the launch of her own business.

“I graduated from Aberdeen University with a degree in management studies and then did a Masters in HR at Robert Gordon University so I’ve always had a keen interest in business,” she said.

“With the thought of easy to carry, lightweight gifts in mind, the idea of a clothing children’s range which was a bit funky but also very practical really appealed. As a mum myself I knew that comfort is a must for the kids – and washability is a must for parents, so that was my priority and the outfits are premium quality, easy-care, predominantly soft cotton, ideal for baby’s skin.

“In terms of design I wanted simple lines, shapes and colours and commissioned a designer with artistic flair to create the Urban Caledonia brand. We gave a lot of thought to the name too because we wanted it to be something related to Scotland but also modern.

“After several years of concept and planning I launched the collection in June. Scotland is a progressive, up-to-date country with an eclectic and vibrant culture and I’m very proud to be able to support that by bringing a new look with a modern Scottish twist to the clothing and gift market.

“The goal for the future is to continue to grow the brand and be recognised in and around Scotland for our quality clothing and gifts.”

Urban Caledonia is available exclusively from the Urban Caledonia website. It offers an international shipping service – the ideal solution for gifting issues around the world.